Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke and More

Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke in Puerto Rico and More News


By David A. Avila

Suddenly, Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano has become the face of women’s boxing.

While others have departed for other combat sports, or quietly engaged in pivotal battles but remain as silent as a monk, Serrano has risen to the occasion as the new herald for female prizefighting.

The Puerto Rican boxer has taken the reins as the self-appointed leader.

“It’s been a journey, 15 long years,” said Serrano on social media.

Serrano (46-2-1, 30 Kos) defends her numerous featherweight world titles against Germany’s Nina Meinke (18-3, 4 Kos) on Saturday March 2, at San Juan, Puerto Rico. DAZN will stream the Most Valuable Promotions card live.

Once again Serrano will fight 12 three-minute rounds instead of two-minute rounds. She is the only female fighter bravely burning a path to open the door for equal standards in women’s boxing. And she’s serious about keeping the pressure on equality.

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Brooklyn and now one of the most lucrative female prizefighters the world has ever seen, Serrano has tossed aside the WBC belt whose organization stubbornly block women from fighting three-minute rounds.

No matter, Serrano has already proven to be the best featherweight the world has ever seen. She doesn’t need the WBC belt to prove it.

Meinke hails from Spandau, Berlin in Germany. The blonde southpaw has faced world champions such as Katie Taylor and Sarah Mahfoud and proven to be one of the top featherweights in the world. Her nickname is “the Brave” and she has lived up to it.

It’s been a journey for Meinke and for all women as they struggled to crack through the glass barrier toward main event status.

Serrano burst through the barrier during the pandemic when she eagerly accepted a match with Argentina’s Daniela Bermudez in a battle between pound for pound champions in March 2021. They fought in Puerto Rico and Serrano showcased on television her sparkling skills to win by knockout.

Since that win in Puerto Rico, the seven-division world champion has been televised or streamed on every one of her fights. And when she signed a contract with Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions, she skyrocketed to the top of women’s boxing including becoming the highest paid female fighter in the Americas.

No doubt, Serrano has become the face of women’s boxing with a willingness to fight often. One more thing, she has become a very vocal promoter of not just women’s boxing but of the sport itself.

Few boxing stars are as accessible as Serrano. It’s her superpower.

“Now I want to help women in the game,” said Serrano. “We struggled so much.”

She also is guiding the career of Krystal Rosado-Ortiz who fights Gloria Munguilla in a battle of undefeated super flyweights on the Puerto Rican fight card.

On Saturday, the Puerto Rican fighter dispenses with her promotional duties and reverts back to prizefighting’s most feared boxer-puncher in the world.

“You’re the G.O.A.T.,” said Jake Paul to Serrano on social media. Paul is the person most responsible for believing in Serrano’s talent and selling power. “You did change the game.”


Other news

Mia “Killer Bee” Ellis recently had a street named after her in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday Feb. 24 by the city.

A Baltimore street named Francis Street was recently changed to Mia “Killer Bee’ Way in honor of Ellis who contributes time and effort toward helping youth in her neighborhood.

“Some stories you just can’t make up,” said Ellis about the honor.

Ellis trains in the same gym as Gervonta “Tank” Davis and has shined both in and out of the boxing ring.


More Fight News


Clara Lescurat (10-0) remained undefeated by unanimous decision after 10 rounds versus Regina Chavez (7-4-3) on Saturday Feb. 24. The WBA super flyweight title fight was held in Buenos Aires.

Cinthia Salome (4-1) beat Naila Peloso (0-5-1) by majority decision after four rounds on Friday Feb. 23. The super bantamweight fight took place at Parana.

On Saturday March 2, minimumweights Sol Cudos (6-0-2) and Roxana Colmenarez (9-2-1) meet 10 rounds for the South American title at Buenos Aires. Also, lightweights Maria Ines (7-0-1) and Nicole Morales (2-5-2) meet six rounds; and super flyweights Fatima Maidana (1-0) and Daiana Ortiz ((2-0-1) meet four.



On Friday March 1, super featherweights Stephanie Lee (5-0) and Pam McClelland (3-2-1) meet six rounds at Flemington. Also, middleweights Chloe Chaos (2-1-1) and Connie Chan (3-6) meet six rounds.



On Saturday March 2, middleweights Natasha Spence (8-4-2) and Angelica Lopez (14-2) meet eight rounds at Toronto.



Shamara Woods (6-0-1) won by knockout over Clarena Julio (5-3) in the sixth round on Thursday Feb. 22. The super lightweight fight was held in Santa Marta.


Czech Republic

On Saturday March 2, lightweights Viktorie Jilkova (0-0) and Diana Kulinova (4-8) meet four rounds at Usti nad Labem. Also, bantamweights Katerina Cavajdova (0-0) and Klaudia Ferenczi (20-108-10) meet four rounds.



Dina Thorslund (21-0) knocked out Mary Romero (9-5) in the eighth round on Saturday Feb. 24. The WBO bantamweight title match took place in Copenhagen. Spain’s Romero was a late replacement for Turkey’s Seren Cetin who pulled out due to injury. Also, super welterweight Mikaela Lauren (33-6) knocked out Mariami Nutsubidze (1-5) in the first round.



On Saturday March 2, super bantamweights Tiia Rantakyla (1-0) and Joice Alves (1-0) meet six rounds at Kirkkonummi. Also, featherweights Jonna Hakkarainen (0-0) and Dunja Bocan 1-7-1) meet six; and featherweights Serwa Palani (2-0) and Gabriella Mezei (11-34-5) meet four rounds.



Lorye Ruyer (4-0) defeated Elsa Hemat (5-10-2) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday Feb. 24. The French super lightweight title fight was held in Yutz.

Anaelle Angerville (7-3-1) beat Yaiza Souto (1-6) by unanimous decision after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 24. The featherweight fight was held in Toulon.



On Saturday March 2, welterweights Dilara Yucel (13-0) and Marija Zivkovic (1-18-1) meet six rounds at Heinsberg.



On Thursday Feb. 29, flyweights Yaro Maying (1-0) and Yanmozhi Subramani (0-0) meet four rounds at Hyderabad.



On Friday March 1, super lightweights Cheyanne O’Neill (0-0-1) and Bojana Libiszewska (7-59) meet six rounds at Dublin.



On Sunday March 3, atomweights Sana Hazuki (10-8-1) and Juthathip Sitthichen (6-0) meet eight rounds at Fukuchimachi. Also, atomweights Ena Sakai (0-0) and Mizuki Matsuoka (1-4-3) meet four rounds.



On Friday March 1, bantamweights Danitza Martinez (0-0) and Siria Sanchez (0-5-1) meet four rounds in Ciudad Obregon.

On Sunday March 3, minimumweights Ashley Felix (3-1) and Yazmin Martinez (1-7) meet four rounds at Tijuana.


New Zealand

Erin Walsh (2-0) defeated Sera Bolatini (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Friday Feb. 23. The super featherweight fight was held in Auckland. Also, flyweight Emma Nesbitt (2-1) beat Laite Nanovu (0-1) by decision after four.


Puerto Rico

On Saturday March 2, featherweights Amanda Serrano (46-2-1) and Nina Meinke (18-3) meet 12 three-minute rounds at San Juan for the IBF, IBO, WBO, WBA world titles. Also, super flyweights Krystal Rosado-Ortiz (2-0) and Gloria Munguilla (5-0) meet four rounds.


South Korea

On Friday March 1, light flyweights Eun Young Huh (8-5-1) and Nanako Suzuki (7-3) meet six rounds at Seoul.



Jenifer Joklova (1-0) won by unanimous decision after four rounds against Jana Kovarova (0-1) on Friday Feb. 23. The super lightweight fight was held at Playa de las Americas.

On Saturday March 2, bantamweights Natalia Francesca (5-3) and Davinia Perez (8-4) meet eight rounds at Badia del Valles. Also, flyweights Chaimae Bounouar (0-0) and Jessica Brunet (0-3) meet six rounds.

On Sunday March 3, minimumweights Isabel Rivero (6-2-1) and Minerva Gutierrez (3-3) meet 10 rounds for the EBU title at Valladolid.



On Friday March 1, super flyweights Lulu Kayage (8-11-4) and Jesca Mfinanga (4-2-1) meet six rounds at Dar es Salaam.



Panumad Bubpamalo (3-3) won by knockout over Jeeranan Kaeochana (0-1) in the second round on Sunday Feb. 25. The light flyweight contest was held in Pathum Thani.

On Thursday Feb. 29, super flyweights Angelina Lukas (6-1) and Kadesara Jadpakdee (7-3) meet eight rounds at Bangkok.



Anastasiia Petrenko (1-0) knocked out Valeriia Korotchuk (0-1) in the second round on Sunday Feb. 18. The featherweight match was held in Uman.


United Kingdom

Eilish Tierney (1-0) beat Sherriee Barnes (0-5) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 24. The super featherweight bout took place in London, England.

Jasmin Harmitt (2-0) won by decision over Kerry Orton (0-6) after four rounds on Saturday Nov. 24. The lightweight match was held in Walsall.

On Saturday March 2, featherweights Roni Dean (3-0) and Bec Connolly (3-20) meet six rounds at Cheshunt.

On Saturday March 2, lightweights Paige Murney (3-0) and Lenka Volejnikova (3-0) meet six rounds at Leicester.

On Saturday March 2, super welterweights Jade Grierson (2-0) and Patricia Gonzalez (2-4-1) meet six rounds at Nottingham.



On Friday March 1, super flyweights Amy Salinas (6-4) and Alezis Araiza (2-1-1) meet eight rounds at El Paso, Texas. Also, bantamweights Bree Howling (5-0) and Noemi Bosques (12-19-3) meet six rounds.

On Friday March 1, featherweights Melissa Holguin (4-1) and Abril Anguiano (3-0) meet six rounds at San Antonio, Texas. Also, super bantamweights Reina Tellez (5-0-1) and Simone Aparecida (17-30) meet six rounds; super bantamweights Candace Knepper (2-0) and Tonia Cravens (2-9-2) meet four rounds; and featherweights Ravven Brown (1-0) and Karla Valenzuela (3-30-3) meet four.

On Saturday March 2, welterweights Chevelle Hallback (33-9-2) and Yamila Reynoso (13-15-3) meet 10 rounds at Tampa, Florida.



On Thursday Feb. 29, featherweights Sreysros Vy (0-0) and Chanthy Bo (0-0) meet four rounds at Phnom Penh.