Mikaela Mayer Batters Silvia Bortot in England

Mikaela Mayer Batters Way Past Silvia Bortot in New Weight Class


(Photo by JP Yim)

By David A. Avila

More weight, no problem.

Former super featherweight world titlist Mikaela Mayer showed that jumping up several weight divisions was not much of an obstacle in defeating Italy’s extremely tough Silvia Bortot by unanimous decision after 10 rounds.

Mayer (19-1, 5 Kos) won every round over Bortot (11-3-1, 3 Kos) but was unable to stop the super lightweight though she did come very close at the Ao Arena in Manchester, England.

“It’s a big jump 130 to 147 pounds,” said Mayer who weighed 142 for this match.

It was an example of perfect matchmaking by her Top Rank team and enabled Mayer to use her height and fighting skills to maximum effort. Bortot was a worthy and skilled foe who had her moments but not enough to prove too much of a problem.

Bortot had her best round in the fourth as she connected several times over her taller opponent. It was the closest round of the match and probably sparked a reaction from the American champion.

And did she respond.

Mayer attacked the body furiously in the fifth and when Bortot covered up, she was hit with riveting rights from the American fighter. It opened up Mayer’s attack from that point on.

In this fight, the American was able to establish a very strong left hook that she used to both the body and head. It was effective and kept Bortot from being able to fend off the attacks. But the Italian never stopped trying and kept firing back. She would not quit.

“She’s a tough girl,” Mayer said.

She opened up with all of her weaponry in the ninth round as she battered Bortot with body and head shots. The Italian fighter looked hurt and close to being dropped, but the two-minutes expired to save Bortot from being stopped.

“I always say more minutes in those rounds,” Mayer said meaning an extra minute instead of the current two-minute rounds.

In the final round Mayer battered the body and kept on the attack. The referee stepped in to warn Mayer from firing below the belt and wasted nearly 30 seconds in the process. That saved Bortot.

Nonetheless it was a dominant win for Mayer who seeks a welterweight title clash in her next contest or two. Sitting as an analyst for Sky Sports was Natasha Jonas the current IBF welterweight titlist and former super welterweight champion.

“I’m prepared to take on Natasha Jonas,” said Mayer.