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The Prizefighters Pound for Pound Best in Female B...

Female Pound for Pound Ratings 2020   By David A. Avila With the world of boxing ready to re-launch, it is time to re-establish the top prizefighters in the world. Most of the elite suffered postponements of one type or another and are eager to perform. From Asia to America fighters are seeking ways to […]


Layla McCarter, Naoko Fujioka and Others Testing t...

Forty-Year Old Greats Like Layla and Naoko Are Ready to Test the Youngsters   By David A. Avila Many of the best fighters in the world are into their 40s. If you take a look around the world from Japan to Argentina from contenders to world champions a long list of fighters exist that are […]


The Hornet’s Nest of Super Featherweights

Terri Harper Adds to the Hornet’s Nest of Super Featherweights   By David A. Avila When women’s prizefighting returns those at the top of the hill are already scheduled, but the rest of the fighters are still in a cloud of mystery. Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano are set, Claressa Shields and Marie Eve Dicaire […]


Out of the Past: Kaliesha “Wild, Wild” West Pt. 2

Kaliesha West Pt. 2 – Southern California Star and Two-Division World Champion   By David A. Avila Kaliesha “Wild, Wild” West dropped into the professional fight scene with an instant army of fans and followers in the Inland Empire. In many ways West’s arrival along with a few male counterparts created a boxing explosion in […]


Cecilia Braekhus: Mexican Style, McCaskill and Mor...

Cecilia Braekhus: Undisputed Welterweight Champion   By Felipe Leon   According to the undefeated, unified and undisputed welterweight champion Cecilia “First Lady” Braekhus there are worse places to be stuck at than Big Bear, CA.  The idyllic snowy mountaintop village, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, has been her home for the better part of […]


Inside the Minds of World Champ Jessica McCaskill ...

Chicago’s Jessica McCaskill and Rick Ramos   By Felipe Leon It doesn’t happen very often and much less in female boxing but there can’t be a bigger fight than when you face two unified world champions against each other and that’s what you will get when Jessica McCaskill faces Cecilia Braekhus. Currently there are six […]


Out of the Past: Elizabeth Quevedo Parr Pt. 2

Part 2 Out of the Past- The Legend of Elizabeth Quevedo Parr   By David A. Avila The feats of Elizabeth Quevedo Parr inside a boxing ring where legendary. She was a complete fighter with extraordinary power, speed and skills. But she fought in an era where female boxing was not appreciated. Most of the […]


Out of the Past – Elizabeth Quevedo Parr

Out of the Past – Elizabeth Quevedo Parr. Among the Best Ever. Part 1   By David A. Avila Perhaps the best female fighter I’ve ever seen was a tall, brunette super lightweight from Southern California named Elizabeth Quevedo Parr. Not many people saw her fight. “I’m not exactly super friendly. I never went out […]


Out of the Past: Vicious Vaia Zaganas

Out of the Past: Revisiting Canada’s Vaia Zaganas, Now in Hollywood   By David A. Avila Fear of diving in the streets of L.A. forced the Canadian from Vancouver to choose a move to Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles in the early 2000s when she decided to try her hand at prizefighting. “You know […]


Melissa “Shark” Hernandez In Wait for ...

Melissa “Shark” Hernandez the Old School Warrior   By Felipe Leon   A subject that has been mentioned nearly ad nauseum is the fact female boxing is currently enjoying a renaissance of unprecedented heights.  Average purses are at the highest they have ever been, although still not at par with men’s, and the exposure women’s […]